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SRG's Passion to Help Others

Strategic Resilience Group was founded with a team of dedicated personnel focused on helping and supporting others in all aspects of their lives. Whether the situation sees veterans suffering from a myriad of issues relating to previous combat experience or civilians feeling burnt out from work or other encounters, SRG strives to step forward and offer assistance and support.


I am specifically proud of the five individuals I have been fortunate enough to be introduced to within the past seven months. Each individual was facing difficulty and attempting to overcome significant, life-affecting issues; SRG was able to offer a helpful and guiding hand towards changing their current situation.

The first individual was a retired marine, now successful businessman, suffering from a deep-seated and long-standing issue he felt uncomfortable and out-of-place discussing in further detail. Our team took it upon ourselves to introduce and guide him towards SRG's wellness process. He went on to describe this treatment as having an immediate and stunning impact, deeming his experience and this process an absolute success.


Another individual I met was a college student suffering from significant and dominating burn out. After discussing in full detail, and going through our dedicated brief regarding burn out, she acknowledged her own situation, that she was suffering and forcing herself to endure extreme and unrelenting burn out and wanted to take the time and effort to pursue treatment. Within a week's time she was able to complete the initial treatment and ready to begin a regimen of nutritional supplements. After one week taking the supplements, she expressed her previous feeling of burn out were no longer affecting her and she found herself thriving through her last semester of college. 


The last individual to be discussed was an extremely burdened soldier suffering from severe PTSD. As soon as his story approached my team, we recognized the help he was in need of, and immediately offered our assistance and support, many feared he would make attempts to harm himself even after his many assurances. After initial treatment steps took place, he proclaimed this was the first time he had truly felt hope in over ten years.


SRG is a multifaceted company operating in and across multiple areas. Although all of our business divisions hold great importance and are a necessary facet to our overall team, our resiliency division is the area that has given our team the greatest satisfaction. Concerning myself and my team, it is the area in which our greatest passions are focused. As we grow, I intend to continually develop our resilience department and our target is to help, at least, 100 people within the next year. 

Strategic Resilience Group

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