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Intelligence Support to Information Operations (ISIO)

This position is a deployed, one-year assignment to Camp Arifjan, Kuwait

SRG is seeking an experienced Intelligence Support to Information Operations (ISIO) analyst/subject matter expert (SME) to provide Intelligence Support to Information Operations (ISIO). SMEs with situational awareness that enable rapid decision-making, improves current and long-term IO and IW planning and facilities the synchronization of IO with CCMD's mission partners. The SME will provide operational intelligence services that include the full range of intelligence functions to address Information Related Capabilities (IRC) requirements. The ideal candidate should demonstrate the ability to deliver various intelligence reports and products enabling the Government in collecting, analyzing, disseminating, de-conflicting and cataloguing actionable information on intelligence and non-kinetic targeting activities. 

Position Responsibilities

  • Participate in the development of intelligence and non-kinetic targeting activities to align collections and provide feedback to influence activities.

  • Facilitate the de-confliction that underpins intelligence gain/loss and political and military assessments.

  • Participate in the development of intelligence for inclusion in command collection plans facilitating planning, execution, and feedback for measures of performance and measures of effectiveness.

  • Incorporate information-related capabilities and sensitive activities into operations orders, annexes, and evaluation/assessment plans.

  • Coordinate, consolidate, submit and track intelligence requirements across IRCs.

  • Support planning, coordination, integration and synchronization of non-lethal effects and offensive cyberspace operations (OCO) in support of CCMD operations. Assist in synchronizing OCO and defensive cyberspace operations (DCO) support into the COCOM Joint Fires/Targeting process.

  • Experience in targeting operations, anti-terrorism planning, offensive cyber operations and other information operations. 

  • Conduct fires planning for the integration and cyber delivered Special Technical Operations and Information Operations capabilities into OCO/DCO activities and integrates emerging cyberspace operational efforts into OPLAN development. 

  • Utilize knowledge of joint doctrine and joint planning concepts, to include the JOPP/MDMP and IPB/JIPOE. Apply operational art and operational design in the application of JOPP/MDMP.

  • Assess lethal and non-lethal effects from IRC (i.e., Information Operations, MISO, MILDEC, EW) and provide recommendations into the targeting process for refinement of targeting guidance and objectives. 

  • Experience in the Joint and Army deliberate and dynamic targeting process in combat and training with the military decision-making processes (i.e., JOPP, MDMP, JTC, D3A, etc.).

  • Experience in integration of Special Technical Operations capabilities enabling lethal effects synchronizing all IRCs into the scheme of fires to include Information Operations, Cyberspace capabilities and Electronic warfare enablers.

  • Specialized Software Training: Digital Precision Strike Suite (DPSS), Digital Image Exploitation Engine (DIEE), Precision Strike Suite-Special Operations Force (PSS-SOF), Joint Targeting Toolbox (JTT), Joint Automated Deep Operations Coordination System (JADOCS), Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System (AFATDS), Joint Weaponeering System (JWS), Joint Munitions Effectiveness Manual (JMEM), National Production Workshop/Modernized Integrated Database (NPW/MIDB), Analysts Notebook (ANB), Palantir, Terrorist Identity Datamart Environment (TIDE), ArcGIS.  

  • Utilizes knowledge of joint doctrine and joint planning concepts, to include the Joint Operations Planning Process (JOPP). Applying operational art and operational art and operational design in the application of JOPP.

  • Expert knowledge regarding counterintelligence and human intelligence activities; coordinate and collaborate with DoD and Service counterintelligence organizations, the Joint Staff and other federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies on a daily basis regarding matters of mutual interest; review and contribute to military deception planning processes. 

  • In-depth Intelligence analytic skills to identify, assess, design and report on highly complex adversary strengths, weaknesses, order of battle, force structure, military capabilities, key military leadership, military policies, plans, strategies, intentions, and their impact on force developments in support of IO Division planning efforts and operational execution.

  • Experience conducting intelligence nodal analysis and critical vulnerability assessments of enemy networks to identify and nominate key nodes for kinetic and non-kinetic options, thereby disrupting or eliminating enemy centers of gravity. 

Required Qualifications

  • Staff level planning and CONOP development experience at the Combatant Command, TSOC and/or Sub Unified Command level - Information Operations Experience.

  • Experience and understanding of research and analysis methodologies and theories supporting the entirety of the intelligence lifecycle.

  • Extensive use of tools specific to the end customer. 

  • Experience conducting analysis of all and Open-source intelligence support to irregular warfare problem sets to highlight insurgent or threat network organization, key nodes, and vulnerabilities in support of Information Operations.

  • Experience conducting all source intelligence gathering and reporting network analysis in support of network operations.

  • Formal training of more than three years of practical experience utilizing the F3EAD, CALEB/IWA, Social Network Analysis and CARVER methodologies.

  • Expert understanding of network analysis tools such as Analyst Notebook and Palantir. 

  • Expert understanding of Intel-related databases such as M3, TAC, NCTC Online, TIDE, ICReach SIGINT database, Cultweave SIGINT database, PROTON SIGINT Database.

  • Expert understanding of Intel targeting tools such as the Skope toolset or the Voltren toolset. 

  • Practical understanding of geospatial Intel tools, such as ArcGIS and Google Earth.

  • Fourteen (14) years of experience in lieu of degree OR Bachelor's degree and certified as an All and Open-Source Intelligence professional with nine (9) years (or Master's degree with seven (7) years) of experience in operational environment directly involved in HUMINT/OSINT/SIGINT. 

  • Certified HUMINT/OSINT/SIGINT Collector with a minimum of five (5) years' experience directly involved in HUMINT/OSINT/SIGINT, Overt/Clandestine, Intelligence Operations for SOF Support of Sensitive Activities.

  • Experience with incorporating SAP and STO capabilities in plans and operations; graduate of the STO Planner Course and PDAS User Course.

  • Current DoD Top Secret/SCI clearance.

  • Completed Advanced Planners Course.

  • Completed Due Diligence Course.

  • Completed Advanced Technicians Course.

  • Certified HUMINT/OSINT/SIGINT professional with IO or more years of experience in operational environment directly involved in Intelligence overt/clandestine, Intelligence Operation Support or SOF Sensitive Activities.

  • Recent Joint or Service Level All and Open-Source Intelligence experience working in an austere and hazardous location such as Afghanistan.

  • Graduate of a recognized Intelligence Collections Support Course at the Joint or Service Level and Information Operation planning experience.

  • Able to physically participate in training and operational support, as needed.

  • Experience working with distributed teams. 

Preferred Qualifications

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