SRG's Passion to Help People

I founded Strategic Resilience Group with a team of dedicated personnel focused on helping people in all aspects of their lives. Whether veterans suffering from a myriad of issues relating to combat experience or civilians feeling burnt out from either work or other issues SRG strives to help. I am specifically proud of five individuals that I have met in the past seven months. Each individual had a very important issue that was causing them significant problems. Fortunately, SRG could help. I will discuss a few of them. The first individual I met was a retired Marine and now successful business man. He was suffering from a deep seeded problem that he was not willing to talk about. He told us he was having issues and we introduced him to SRG’s wellness process and he immediately reported the treatment was a success. Months after he went through our process he is still doing very well. The next individual was a college student. She was suffering from significant burnout. When I showed her, our brief regarding burnout she stated this was how she was feeling and wanted to pursue treatment. Within a week she completed the initial treatment and began a regime of nutritional supplements. After one week of supplements she reported no longer feeling burnt out and is now thriving during her last semester in college. The last individual I will discuss was a severely burdened soldier suffering from extreme PTSD. When I heard his story our team stopped what we were doing and got him help immediately. He was so severe and I knew he needed help now. I was worried he might hurt himself even though he said he would not. After his initial treatment, he texted me and stated this was the first time he had felt hope in over ten years.

SRG is a multifaceted company operating in multiple areas. Although all of our business division are important our resiliency division is the area that has given our team the greatest satisfaction. It is where my passion is focused and the passion of my team. As we grow I intend to continually develop our resilience department and our target is to help at least 100 people in the next year. How many can we help? I will help as many as I can. This is why I am in this business.

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