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Strategic Resilience Group is committed to surrounding itself with people who hold our same values and passions. We recently took on a Florida State graduate as our summer intern for two reasons. First, we need additional support to address the many routes to service that we are pursuing with the Department of Veteran Affairs. Second, we are always looking for people that match our core commitments.

I’d like to tell you about this intern, because in telling you about Laura, you will understand some things about our company. You will understand that we started this company to be successful, to serve our customers, but also to make a difference. At FSU, Laura was a member of Project Reaching All Wounded Warriors (RAWW), a student-run organization that serves American veterans who have served their country and have made sacrifices for our continued comfort and safety. Laura impressed us when she described the work she did with Project RAWW.

Along with others in this extracurricular group, Laura supported veterans by making trips to the VA Medical center, which is about two hours away from campus. Laura and her colleagues gave their extra time to serve veterans staying in the long term care facility, who receive surprisingly few visitors. These trips to the VA were special. On a typical visit, a group of four to six students would sign in, pair up into two’s and make their way to the residential side of the hospital to sit and talk with the veterans. These FSU students sacrificed time and expense to spend quality time with veterans. During her student years at FSU, Laura told us that she had “the absolute honor and privilege to meet and visit with some our nation’s finest. These are individuals who have shaped the way I view the world.” I hope that you are beginning to see why this young woman caught our eye, and why she was chosen to work with us at Strategic Resilience Group.

We heard from Laura about how the veterans shared their stories with her and offered her life advice. Although the purpose of these visits was to improve a veteran’s day, it always ended up being so much more meaningful than that to Laura, and to those like her. During Laura’s many visits to the VA Medical Center, she interacted with veterans that were cheerful, reserved, sly, disgruntled, and occasionally a combination of the aforementioned. Regardless of their temperament, the majority of the veterans welcomed these FSU RAWW students and genuinely enjoyed their visits. Laura shared her feelings about these experiences when she interviewed for the internship with our company.

We knew immediately that at our Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business needed people like Laura to help us fulfill our commitment to the Veterans we are committed to serving. These men and women deserve acknowledgement and the best care they can receive, and at SRG we look for the applicants that understand this. I am not sure that this understanding can be taught. If it could be, the lesson would not be complete until they discovered this for themselves. During Laura’s time spent visiting the VA, she observed many positive attributes that make a VA medical center an example for all others:

* The staff is approachable and pleasant

* Access to a free commissary comprised of donated items resident patients can select on an as needed basis

* Access to outdoor patio and garden maintained by the residents themselves

* Scheduled events such as game nights, organized outings, and holiday celebrations

* A sense of community and togetherness

Laura, the former President of Project RAWW at FSU is today an intern at Strategic Resilience Group. She is working with us to help our team produce the best service we can for those that we admire the most, our American veterans.

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