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Leadership Spotlight: Ramina Toy

We're thrilled to celebrate the remarkable Ramina Toy, a cornerstone of our leadership team at SRG. With an impressive tenure of over 15 years in federal contracting, Ramina has made substantial contributions to the private and nonprofit sectors. Her unwavering dedication is particularly evident in her work with Veterans Affairs and various nonprofit organizations, where she has been committed to making a significant impact for more than a decade.

Ramina's role as VP of Finance and Administration sees her at the heart of SRG's strategic planning and operational efficiency. Known for her detail-oriented and process-driven approach, she excels in managing complex federal contracts, multitasking, and leading projects to fruition. Her exceptional ability to drive strategic decisions is pivotal in steering our organization toward continued growth and success.

Her academic achievements are stellar, with a Master of Science in Information Systems Technology from George Washington University and a Bachelor of Science in Management from George Mason University, complements her professional achievements. As a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Ramina's dedication to professionalism and excellence in project management is unmatched.

Ramina's invaluable blend of technical knowledge, strategic management, and leadership skills positions her as a key asset to SRG. Her work not only contributes to our organization's growth but also ensures our operations run smoothly and efficiently.

For a peek into Ramina's sources of inspiration, she recommends "The Open Organization" by Jim Whitehurst and "Dune" by Frank Herbert for intriguing insights into leadership and strategic thinking.

Join us in applauding Ramina Toy's contributions and her role in shaping the future of Strategic Resilience Group LLC. Her strategic leadership and dedication are crucial to our mission and success.

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