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We develop resilient organizations that deliver maximum business value to the enterprise

Business and operational leaders may find themselves faced with unprecedented volatility, uncertainty and risk. The new normal of rapid change and emerging threats requires leaders to remain in a constant state of preparedness and regularly adjust their strategies and priorities to manage this increased complexity. Enterprises must develop and reinforce resilient employees, organizations and system capabilities with the forethought to respond dynamically within today's climate, in an effort to seize new opportunities, mitigate risk and achieve results. 


Recruit, on-board, develop and retain high performing people with the ability to adapt and function in high stress operational environments.








Remove operational silos by integrating cross-functional teams, processes, and systems required to execute at speed, scale and precision for maximum impact.



Integrate technology and enterprise data to deliver secure applicants and actionable insights enabling your digital strategy

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Strengthening resilience of individuals and teams is critical for improving operational performance







Acquire, On-Board, and Retain Talent

An effective work-force planning approach is a continual process used to align the needs and priorities of the organization with those of its workforce to ensure its ability to meet its strategic growth objectives. SRG works collaboratively with customers to tailor talent acquisition, on-boarding and training strategies to meet the unique and particular resiliency needs of their organization. We place a decidedly heavy focus on proactive employee engagement with the overall goal of ensuring key leaders and specialized talent are retained.

Align roles to business outcomes increasing performance and the retention of employees

SRG and our partners create engaging and lasting learning experiences throughout the employee lifecycle to increase retention and performance of key staff. We create the learning journey for your specific roles, an integrated and comprehensive view, documented, easily updated and adjusted as business outcomes shift over time. The overall influence and impact is continuously and meticulously measured with modifications made to the experience as business needs change. 

Human Capital Solutions

  • Workforce Planning

  • Talent Acquisition

  • New Hire On-Boarding

  • Training and Development

  • Employee Engagement Strategies



Integrate technology and enterprise data to deliver secure applications and actionable insights enabling your digital strategy


Modernize, Architect, Integrate


Growth of digital platforms requires leaders to modernize their technology and data infrastructure to compete in today's information economy. Mission-critical applications must be architected to seamlessly and securely integrate with enterprise data to enable your digital strategy. Business and agency leaders require real-time actionable insights into their processes and procedures and customer interactions to make informed decisions concerning their business operations.

Provide real-time actionable insights on operations and customers to thrive within the information economy

We approach system-resilience as an outcome of resilient people and organizations. We provide customers with the tools and methods necessary to develop a technology modernization architecture and strategy that minimizes impact to business operations. We build analytics and actionable insights using proprietary data discovery and visualization tools and techniques. We drive collaboration across technology and operational teams using agile methodologies to quickly design, build, and deploy business applications with actionable insights needed to improve decision making and achieve enduring outcomes. 

Digital Technology Solutions:

  • Business-Technology Architecture Alignment

  • Technology Modernization Roadmap

  • Digital, Cloud, Mobile Agile Delivery Support

  • Executive Dashboards and Data Visualization

  • Data Analytics

  • Database Design

  • Decision Support

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Building a sustainable operating model that can quickly adjust and scale to execute the changing strategy and mission








Speed, Flexibility, and Scale

Attributes leaders demand of their organizations to execute changing strategy and mission required to compete within todays high complex environment. This rapid pace of change in the form of rising competitive threats, regulatory uncertainty and volatile economic conditions requires new operating models with organizations, people, and systems tightly integrated to adjust and respond dynamically

Eliminate silos and optimize processes to improve speed and efficiency. 

SRG works with clients to remove operational silos that often exist, utilizing our proprietary assessment methodology to identify operational issues, quantify impact and establish an accurate performance baseline with the intention of displaying future progress. We utilize proven management structures and technologies fostering collaboration across disparate teams to accelerate execution of integrated processes and systems across the organization to improve operational speed and efficiency.

Business Transformation Solutions

  • Business Transformation Roadmap

  • Portfolio & Program Management

  • Change Management Communications Planning

  • Stakeholder Engagement Strategies

  • Organization and Staffing Model Design

  • Requirements Development and Acquisition SME's


Strategic Resilience Group

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