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Meet Our Owners: Steven "Bo" Colcombe

In our latest edition of "Meet the Owners," we're excited to shine the spotlight on Steven "Bo" Colcombe, the driving force behind Strategic Resilience Group LLC.

Bo's journey is marked by an illustrious career in the United States Marine Corps. His dedication and leadership were honed through various roles in the infantry, acquisitions, requirements and budgeting. His experiences have equipped him with unparalleled skills in strategic planning, team building, and resilience.
Bo's academic background is as impressive as his military service. He holds a Master of Science in Management Acquisition and Contracting from the Naval Postgraduate School and has completed courses at the Marine Corps University. His education has been a cornerstone in developing his keen understanding of business and operations management.
Post-retirement, Bo seamlessly transitioned to the corporate sector, where he has been instrumental in guiding Strategic Resilience Group LLC. As Chief Operations Officer, he has been pivotal in identifying new business opportunities and fostering growth, drawing on his extensive experience in program management and government relations.
Bo is not just a leader; he's a mentor and coach. His approach to leadership is rooted in empowering teams and fostering an environment where creativity and innovation thrive. His passion for team building and resilience is evident in every project and initiative he undertakes.
As we move forward, Bo's vision for Strategic Resilience Group LLC is clear - to build a company that's not just successful but also resilient, adaptable, and forward-thinking. His leadership is a beacon, guiding the company towards new horizons and continued growth.
Join us in celebrating Steven "Bo" Colcombe, a true embodiment of resilience, leadership, and strategic vision. Here's to many more years of innovation and success under his guidance!

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