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Black Hole Grid

Leadership Training

SRG supports Expeditionary Warfare Training Group Atlantic’s initial training of East Coast-based Amphibious Ready Groups and Marine Expeditionary Units by providing subject matter experts and senior mentors to participate in workshops and planning courses.

SRG provides certified and experienced trainers that provide a range of training capabilities.  In addition to our Resilience Building Leadership curriculum, we provided one on one and small group training for executives and senior military leaders.   Our team of senior military and Department of State leaders provide joint service training in expeditionary operations. 

Our capability includes enterprise curriculum development, training delivery and training process improvement for federal and commercial organizations.  Our team develops, presents and tracks training on a variety of acquisition process improvement topics and improves the measurable efficiency of call center training 

In 2023, SRG started a new B2B "Resilience Training" initiative to promote business resiliency for organizations seeking to improve performance and mission continuity. This training increases organizational strengths, removes barriers, builds trust, promotes positive organizational climates, and teaches businesses how to adapt and lead organizational change.

For additional information, please contact us.

Phone: (540)628-7860

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